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YOU ARE YOUR OWN AUTHORITY AND YOUR OWN POWER...TAKE PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY TODAY.....Everything that happens to you, is because of you and your choice. if you feel hurt, its because you have chosen it. people will do what they have , but your reaction or response causes what ever inside you.....If you think someone can do something to you, you have created them as more powerful than you. Nobody is more powerful than you except you. www.maakalishwetasarojinimahakali.comm



Synopsis of the book

This book is based on true paranormal love cases. The book clearly talks about how black magic can come into your love life and relations very silently. This book has been divided into two sections – premarital love destructions and post marital destructions. Both the sections have five different stories. Stories are shocking and will give you goose bumps and black magic victims will relate to it. Even if it gets hard for you to believe it at least don’t disrespect it. As all stories belong to several victims and their emotions needs to be valued.

 About the author:

Shweta bisht is a paranormal expert and a spiritual healer. She is a devotee of the goddess Kali. She has been a victim of regress black magic herself in the past. Previous to this she has also written a book [Corporate chick turns into a spiritual healer] which is a semi-autobiography of her and talks about her journey from a corporate person to a spiritual healer. Several victims globally contact through her websites: and for help. The mission is to stop the exploitation happening in the name of spiritual healing by the fake tantrics and healers. Hence, she has a bold and blunt, form of writing.

She has been a student of DPS Noida. Graduate in political science honors from Delhi University. She has worked in several corporate houses as a soft skill trainer and also has been a part of the BPO industry. Through her books she wants the new generation to think beyond technology too. Not to be superstitious, but remember that [if God exists, then even devil exists].



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Now this is to inform you people that on request and special demand section the book: how black magic can destroy your love life ( e-book ) has been made into an audio book as well today!
Which means that now you can hear the book on your smart phones or laptops etc just like someone is narrating you a story..

Remember your grandmother or grandfather narrating few moral stories in the childhood? yes, in this audio book you will have no hassle of reading but have the comfort of listening to the stories. However if you are interested in purchasing copy of audio book then write to us on our mail:
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