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pen puja : sakshi from Andra pradesh

Hi friends…!!

 Some people are truly lucky when they get something in surplus from the mother nature…it can be anything health,beauty,intelligence etc.. It makes them happy and exactly is a boon to them from Mother Nature…and why not it’s some of the rarest and precious gifts with which only some people are born with. Sure my friends these things are gift and we should cherish them BUT at the same time our these very good qualities put us in the hot list of endangered species since there are many antisocial people in our Society who either are jealous of you or wants to take away your these precious gifts and use them for their own cause…..And it  gets  very disappointing as well as disturbing when stealing of our Natural gifts is done by black magicians who pretend themselves healers…

Yes my friends it’s true ,there was a spiritual healer who actually was black magician but had not described me about his exact profile.He pretended me someone praying God and not the evil…But in actual he was the complete opposite…He pretended me as if he was healing some of issues in my life but had been futile. It had been long,he was just sucking out money from me…I was not getting any results…I was getting depressed day by day,my days went inactive which was exactly opposite of my nature….I didn’t feel like opening books….though it’s very sad to say but it was truth which was exactly opposite to my nature.Because earlier when I was normal books were something that were very catchy to me….So basically if i should crack a joke I must admit I was a bookworm…But nothing remained normal in my life when this black magician entered in my life zone.My mental abilities were degrading day by day,even simple algebric problems were getting difficult for me to solve….He actually suggested me to keep some cloves from my own home  under my pillow while sleeping….this at that stage doesn’t felt fishy but in actual was a very fishy or I must say an  Inhuman act. I was fed up of giving money and not getting any good results…I speckled through many webpages and one day I must say by wish of almighty God got in touch with Shweta Madam who after doing my case study by herself revealed me about this man who in actual was not a healer but a black magician was stealing my mental abilities for his other clients….This TRUTH quivered me from inside out..

By the holy vision of Maa Kali Shweta madam suggested me with getting Pen Puja done.I heartily thank her for her generous and genuine help.After this puja done for me it’s been many months.Now not only by the blessing of Maa kali and Maa Saraswati  my mental abilities are back but have increased manyfolds. At the same time holding that  Pen in my hands gives me a spiritual touch.The pen has helped me in many sectors of my life wherever my work needed expedition…In a nutshell I ‘ll  say that ” If you stand by truth then definitely you will be helped by Maa Saraswati through this pen else not….”