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Victim 25

Punit from Usa: ongoing black magic removal and  curse removal.

It all started around 12 years back, when my father had an aneurysm. He was hospitalized and somehow saved by grace of God. But innumerable number of complications arose later, including heart troubles and depression, both of which became permanent. Soon after the surgery, my elder brother also ran into extreme depression. They tried many number of things, spend all the money they had, but nothing worked. I fell into the same trap 3-4 years later.
I could never figure out if my problem was the same, or was mine different since it started at a very different time. I tried multitude of things. Different healers/pandits/organizations told me different things, and I tried everything – black magic, pitri dosh, shani dosh, kaal sarp dosh, many other planetary pujas!
My life was going through hell for about 8-9 years (depression, financial troubles, career problems and relationships came close to breaking), when I found Gurudidi Shwetaji.
I had already exhausted all my energy and finances, and this one was really my last shot. Gurudidi did a case study, and told me everything about my situation – what was happening exactly, why, and when was it all done. The diagnosis rhymed with me, because this was the first time when all of my questions seemed to be answered. Another thing that got me to believe her was that Gurudidi did a case study to find out everything (Everyone else had just been throwing random problems by looking at my photo, or DateOfBirth).
The whole family was under black magic since 15 years, and it was carefully planned to create confusion. The whole family needed to be cured and protected at the same time, any single person treatment would not have worked. And that was exactly what I had been doing wrong. After dealing with many crooks, I put all my faith in Gurudidi and my last available finances to get the cure.
It took a month and a half and things started improving immediately. It has been 2 months now and I feel much better, as if a 1000 kilo burden is lifted off my head. I’m wearing the pendants to help me in recovery, and i’m sure I will be fully normal soon.

Thankyou Gurudidi for making my life livable.